DevSecOps Solutions
What Is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps integrates security into DevOps, an operational model in which operations and development engineers’ partner throughout the entire software or service lifecycle, from design to development to production support. Security is often an afterthought, not built in from the beginning of the lifecycle of the application and underlying infrastructure. DevSecOps layers a security expert to work with operations and development teams to ensure that security is considered from the start.

The Need for DevSecOps

The salient feature of DevSecOps is to automate, monitor, and apply security at all phases of the software lifecycle: plan, develop, build, test, release, deliver, deploy, operate, and monitor. Successful DevSecOps teams have processes characterized by automation, repeatability, low redundancy, high collaboration and auditability. The goal of DevOps is to bring together software development and operations to “shorten development cycles, allow organizations to be agile, and maintain the pace of innovation while taking advantage of cloud-native technology and practices.

Why SecurePro

SecurePro is one of the few providers of end-to-end DevSecOps Services and Solutions for government customers. Our consultants specialize in assessment of existing maturity model, implementation and support for the DevSecOps initiatives of our DoD customers, spanning from simple to complex enterprise-level IT programs.

We develop DevSecOps platform framework that enables customers to secure product development with DevSecOps capabilities. We produce tailored DevSecOps platforms, integrating security into areas such as build automation, test automation, deployment automation, alert and monitoring, environment management and others.

Identify Gaps in Culture, People & Process

We identify current gaps and blockers that interfere with adhering to highest security standards. Then we create a plan for upgrading your security maturity levels and tools.

Accelerate DevSecOps Tools Selection

We evaluate the marketplace and assist in the selection of application security tools for ongoing vulnerability management.